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“Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance. – Oscar Wilde”

Each woman is different from the other, and so are her expectations. However, there are some basic things that every woman hopes for in her marriage.

1. Love and affection are the foundations:

Women long for affection in their relationship, whether they are newly married or have spent a couple of years in their marriage. They like to know that they are valued and loved by their husbands. As an ideal husband, you need to spend some fruitful time with your wife. Be affectionate to her, and pay attention to her small demands and wishes. Men should try to be sweet in their words and kind in their deeds.

2. A bit of admiration can do wonders:

Tell your wife how her bright smile makes your day. And that will make her day! Your small words of appreciation make her happy. Praise her for her qualities — she may be a good cook, a good painter, a great homemaker, a caring mother, or a successful career woman who is a pro at her work. Respect her dedication to her work and do not insult her work.

Even if your wife is a stay-at-home mom, her contribution to the family is immense and she needs that recognition from you.

3. A husband addicted to her:

If your wife is out of the city or has gone to her parents’ place, let her know that you are missing her. Show her how much you are addicted to her. Women like their men to miss them.

4. She needs attention:

Women do not want a husband who is more attracted to his smartphone than to his wife. Would you appreciate if your wife is busy browsing on the phone when you try to talk to her something important? Similarly, she, too, expects you to listen to her with attention. Do not brush aside her concerns or worries as trivial.

Pay attention to her when she needs you. It reflects your love for her.

5. A partner who is a friend:

She leaves behind her parents, family, and friends to live with you for the rest of her life. She enters into a hitherto unfamiliar life, and you are the only person she can trust. You are the only one with whom she can share her thoughts and talk her mind.

In short, she seeks a friend in you, a friend who is there with her always and forever. Give her company, spend time with her, crack jokes, and pursue some common interests to strengthen your beautiful relationship.

6. Encouragement to follow her dreams:

Your wife might have compromised on her career or hobbies to make time for you and the kids. Encourage her to take up a job again so that she can fulfill her dreams. She will not feel deprived or live with disappointment that she hasn’t achieved what she wanted in life.

Rather than being judgmental, support her in her endeavors. She will be proud of you forever.

7. A bond of equals:

Marriage is a bond of two persons who are equals. The husband is not superior to the wife. Women want a partner who believes in equality. They want a person who values their opinions, and not put them down. They want a best friend, not a dictator.

A good marital relationship exists if the couple celebrates its success together.

8. Sexual satisfaction:

Sex is as important to women as it is for men. They love to have a man who is sexually active and gives them the pleasure of mating. Trust us, she can’t take hands off you. An active sex life keeps the spark alive in a marriage.

9. A shoulder to cry on:

No matter how mature the woman is, during the time of despair she wants a shoulder to cry on. She expects her life partner to empathize with her, understand her and tell her he is there for her.

10. Understanding and forgiveness:

To err is human. But to forgive is divine. Learn to forgive your wife if she has been hurtful with her words, or did something that she should not have done. When she tries to explain her version, understand her perspective, and that will help you forgive her wholeheartedly. Forgiveness will make you magnanimous.

11. A husband who supports her with a “yes”

Are you a ‘yes-man’ or a ‘no-man’? Being a yes-man does not mean that you agree with everything your wife says. It means being positive. If you keep saying ‘no’ to everything that your wife or kids ask for, they stop asking you for anything. Instead, they do things clandestinely, which could be dangerous for them. Encourage your wife with a yes, and you would become her confidante.

The most important thing that women want in a relationship is happiness. If a man can truly care and love his wife, they can live ‘happily ever after’.
But for such a dreamy relationship, a man needs to fulfill a number of expectations his wife has on him. Who said being a husband is easy, anyway?

12. Handles her tantrums:

Your woman can throw tantrums just like a kid does. She might have crazy mood swings and you would not know what she is upset about. You buy her a red dress thinking that it is her favorite color, but she might simply snub you for buying red and not pink!

Do not get irritated as you will soon understand that she is taking liberties with you because she sees you as her own, you are the closest person to her, and the one who can take her tantrums.

Face her with calmness. Let her frustrating phase pass on before you explain your side of things. The atmosphere at home is peaceful that way.

13. Gets excited about holidays:

Don’t wait until your wife asks you to take on a holiday. Be excited about going to various places with her. You will get to break the monotony and spend some private time with her when you are on holiday. Also, choose places where your smartphone is not smart enough to keep you in touch with your social media friends. This means you are all hers. The sweet memories will be there with you forever.

14. Never checks her phone or emails:

You won’t like it if your wife reads the messages on your Whatsapp or checks your emails. It is the same with her. Do not breach her privacy out of your curiosity to know her friends. Respect her privacy, and she will respect yours.

15. Loves her family:

Embrace her family as you want her to embrace yours. Appreciate the fact that she had grown up, got educated and learned things when she was with her parents. They will always be important for her, and you need to recognize that.

16. Watches TV with her:

It might seem silly, but try doing and you will love it. Watch TV with your wife when the kids are away or sleeping. It is one romantic way to unwind with her. Laugh together, cry together or get scared together, what matters is your togetherness and not what you watch on the TV.

Let her know that she is a good cook. Tell her about your favorite dishes and why you like them. She will be glad to cook for you. Appreciate her effort when she tries to cook something new for you. That will encourage her to perform better.

18. Loyalty- Is honest with her?

A woman cannot accept infidelity or dishonesty in her relationship. She desires a partner who is truthful so that she can stay secure and relaxed. If you are dishonest, even occasionally, you will lose her trust, and she will begin suspecting you even for the right things you do.

17. Expresses his love for her:

You need not keep saying ‘I love you’ day in and day out like a routine. But you can express your love regularly. Those three words will continue to do their magic even after 25 years of your marriage. It gives your wife the confidence that she has chosen a man who is true to her, and will treat her like a queen.

Women may or may not dream of a knight in shining armor, but they definitely want a husband who will treat her like a queen. They aspire for a man who is in love with her even after they spend decades of their life together.

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